Texting And Peeing!

We run a quick errand today at Costco.

I drank 16oz of water about 1/2 hour before we leave.

It’s Good Friday (I know, I’m a month behind in my postings), and the place is BUSY!

And as soon as we walk in, I head straight back for the bathrooms.

As I’m getting close, I half glance to the side, and I can see that someone is following me in as I enter.

Great! They’re on my heels!

And as I go in, I can see that some guy is in the first stall, and thankfully, all 3 urinals are empty.

I take the first urinal (in the corner) away from the stalls, and away from those feet.

The guy behind me grabs urinal #3. He doesn’t care about the pooper.

I stand there, relax, hold my breath and apply slight pressure down.

I can tell I’m a little nervous. The guy at urinal 3 pees pretty quickly and loud.

After about 20 seconds, I begin to pee as well.

That’s about the time that my phone vibrates in my pocket. I just got a text message.

So as the other peer finishes and goes to the sink. I pull out my phone and glance at the text.

It distracts me and I don’t worry about losing my stream so much. I just kept on peeing, which is great!

So I do the ole typing with one hand routine (my left hand no doubt) as I pee.

That’s when I hear some loud commotion behind me!

Some guy is bringing a cart (YES a CART) into the bathroom across the tile floor.

He pushes it right up behind me against the wall. I can hear him talking to a kid and telling him to stay right there and DON’T MOVE!

I’m still peeing and looking at my phone…

Texting And Peeing!

The father then goes over to urinal #3, unzips, and pees.

I finally, after about 2 minutes, finish, send my text, and move away.

And as I do, the guy at urinal #3 finishes and turns as well. I have to dance around him as he crosses my path. I then see that the cart is just 2 feet behind me (couldn’t have gotten much closer), and the father is trying to turn the cart around as I’m moving to the sink.


But, all in all, it was quite a successful pee. It certainly does make for a Good Friday!

Hopefully, as Easter approaches, you’re in recovery like me. And let’s hope that this year will be grand for everyone.

Buck Buck!

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