A Bathroom made for a Paruretic

As many of you know if you’ve been reading my posts here, I have an extremely hard time stepping foot into a public bathroom.

My Paruresis kicks in and pretty much keeps me from entering them, no matter how bad I have to go.

Lately, I have been making huge efforts to reduce my fears and force myself to go to the bathroom when needed.

Tonight was no different.

I went to Office Max to look for a new office desk (large L shaped desk that sits nicely in a corner). While I’m looking around, I feel the urge to pee.

That sucked, because I was hitting one more store after this one, and then meeting up with some friends at a local diner… Which means, I wouldn’t be home for about 4 hours.

I decided not to wait that long, knowing that the longer I wait, the harder it is to pee. I didn’t dwell on it much, and just decided to head towards the bathroom now. Get it over with. What helped was the fact that Office Max wasn’t very busy, and my odds of being relatively alone was pretty darn good.

Paruresis Friendly Bathroom

Maybe I could pee in peace?

I walk the store for a minute locating the restroom. I see it on the South wall and push on the Men’s Door.

My nervousness was pretty high. What would I find?

I was surprised because this was a bathroom that most Paruretics would dream of.

It was a single person bathroom with a lock on the door (and it was empty).

I have never seen a single user bathroom at any large retail store like this.

I loved it!

The funny thing about this bathroom was the fact that it had both a toilet and a urinal. How odd!

Now if the toilet were in a stall, it could have been a very tiny public bathroom… I’ve seen worse!

But the toilet was open and sitting at the end of the narrow room. No way would someone attempt to poop in there and leave the door open. LOL

I’m sure it’s probably happened before, how embarrassing. Can you imagine walking in on someone facing you while on the pot? HA!

I locked the door behind me and quickly did my deed…

I peed at the urinal!

This is one of the very few times in my entire life that I’ve ever peed at a urinal. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I could have screamed…

“I’m Peeing in a Urinal!”

I had no problems peeing in that locked bathroom at all. It only took me seconds to get a stream going. And before I knew it, I was done, washed up and out the door.

I’ve shopped in that store hundreds of times before and I have never, EVER used their bathroom.

But guess what?

I no longer fear it.

This bathroom is safe!

I know where it is. I know what to expect. I know it’s friendly and the best part of it all…

It was also clean and neat!


So Thank You Office Max. You’ve finally made a bathroom that I can actually use in public.

You really did make my night.

Oh, and Yes, I’m buying the office desk! :)

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