I Fart when I Pee


Here’s a really embarrassing thing that happens to me just about every single time I pee:

I Fart when I Pee!


I’m standing there, and as I start to pee, 9 times out of 10 I’ll fart.

I Fart While I Pee

I don’t know why, but it never fails.

Maybe it’s because of my initial relief? Or my balls dropping? Or maybe it’s because my sphincter or groin or prostate is loosening up? Who knows?

But as I stand there and begin to pee, within the first 10-15 seconds, a fart will come out.


I know this. I can’t stop it. It just happens.

I’m relaxed, I’m going, I’m happy… I toot a little.

And since I know this, it worries me. If I were to ever stand there at a urinal and start to pee, I’m pretty sure I’d fart.

I’d feel so embarrassed if someone were peeing next to me, or even in the same bathroom. They would hear me. Granted, my farts aren’t rip-roaring loud farts, but you can still hear them.

So how am I supposed to Pee at a Urinal?

Can I stifle my farts?

Hold them in?

Clench my buttocks enough so no one will know?

The things that run through my mind…

I know I’m not the only one who farts when they pee. I hear it all the time in the men’s bathrooms. Men fart! It echoes off the walls. Some are SOOOOO LOUD… I would die!

Especially if there was a line of guys behind me…

Instead I go in the stall to pee and concentrate on making silent farts.

My farts don’t stink!

They don’t! But then again, I probably wouldn’t take my chances either. A fart’s a fart.

The air that was just inside my ass is now down your lungs… NOT a pleasant thought!

I’m pretty sure if I farted next to a guy peeing he’d probably give me a black eye or pee on me…

Hey! There’s more room on the outside than the inside!

Do you Fart when you Pee?

Is it normal?

I say we take a poll… from a safe distance of course. :)

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7 Responses to I Fart when I Pee

  1. Daniel Waters says:

    Sometimes If I feel the need to fart, I can’t pee until I fart. My body will not release urine until I let the fart go.

  2. Richard says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one. :)

  3. michael says:

    I usually fart when pissing. It just happens. Quite normal but I´m not shy. Work outdoors so I can let them out whenever I need.

  4. Richard says:

    LOL Nice to know! :)

  5. wat says:

    yas u are mather poo

  6. Elemental says:

    Hi I just discovered your blog and I am soooo glad that I am not the only one with pee shyness. It is so annoying, especially on vacations. And in response to this post, I have had this happened to me once. I was in a movie theater and decided to use the restroom during the movie. So I went in and it was empty. What a relief. So I wanted to test myself and wanted to use the center urinal with no one there. WRONG! Apparently my timing was so amazing that one of the movies (not the one I was watching) ended and everyone rushed into the bathroom and it became crowded. So I tried the breath holding technique and instead boy was that a bunch of bad luck. I accidentally let out a small one and everyone stared at me. You wouldn’t imagine how hard that was. Eventually I just pretended I peed, washed my hands and left for straight home. I think I have been scared for life with this one haha. So still relevant in 2015 :)

  7. Richard says:

    LOL… Horrifying! I can only imagine. I fear that too, and with Breath Hold AND Fluid Loading, there is always the chance that something else may become too relaxed and let go. HA! Oh well, that’s what a bathrooms for. Right? -Richard

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