A New Breath Hold Technique

It’s day 33 in my Shy Bladder Desensitization. It’s also Thanksgiving! Gobble Gobble!

I peed a couple of times today with my Pee Buddy present. Sometimes it takes longer for me to go, but I’m not letting time get to me. I no longer am timing myself because of this.

If it takes longer to get a stream going, so what? I just relax and try to give it as little thought as possible.

Eventually I DO PEE!

A New Breath Hold Technique!

I’m beginning to see, it’s no big deal how long it takes.

I’ve also been practicing Breath Hold more.

In fact, for the last 3 days or so, I’ve actually been trying something NEW!

A New Breath Hold Technique

You see, the standard way of Breath Holding is to let out 3/4 of the air in your lungs, and then to hold your breath. You hold it until your external muscle (Called the External Sphincter) relaxes enough for your bladder to open and empty it’s contents.

I’ve tried that!

What I’ve found is that it takes a good minute to get to the point where I feel like I might be able to pee. But by then, I’m gasping for air. It takes too long!

I’ve often wondered why you have to let out only 3/4 of your air… It’s a mystery to me.

Is this 3/4 significant?

Do you HAVE to have some oxygen in there???

So for the last 3-4 days, I’ve been trying something new… A different breathing technique!

I’ve been exhaling out ALL of the air in my lungs! My lungs are totally empty when I step up to the plate.

I figure with all the air gone, the muscles will instantly be gasping, then they should relax faster and I won’t have to wait a full minute to see results.

Sounds Plausible!

What I’ve found is Interesting!

3 Times Today I’ve been able to pee BEFORE I need to breath in air. It seems like when all the air is out of my lungs, I feel the effects quicker, and can just concentrate and focus on my task at hand: Peeing!

3 times tonight I’ve been able to hold my breath (actually holding no breath because it’s all been exhaled), and quickly feeling the pelvic floor drop, and yes, I DID PEE!

Then I was able to slowly, carefully and controlled, quietly breath in air (so no one would know).

Now whether I was peeing because I was holding my breath remains unseen. After all, I was alone. I had no pressure. I wasn’t under a time constraint. No one was waiting. I did need to pee. It really could be all a coincidence! ???

Further Testing is needed!

But it is true that every person and every person’s body is different. What works for one may not necessarily work for others. You may have to shake things up and do things differently to get better or worse results.

Testing is the whole key!

And testing under different scenarios. Like a public bathroom, a busy bathroom with guys waiting… Things like that.

Since I’ve seem some interesting advancements, I’ll continue to exhale all the air and see what future results are.

Will it work, or won’t it?

At this point, I’m willing to try anything.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Will Breath Hold concur?

Hold your breath and find out… ;)

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