I Don’t Drink Much

If I know I’m going out for the night, I’ll plan ahead. I make sure that I don’t drink much prior to the event.

The last thing I need is to down a 32 ounce soda and then head out the door.

It’s not going to happen!

And it wouldn’t end nice!

I know that limiting my liquid intake, will also control my bladder. Don’t feed the bears!

So I’m leisure with my coffee, water, soda and wine.

I cut myself off hours before.

That night, when I’m out with my friends and they are ordering round after round, I’m still sipping casually on the first glass. I don’t even get a drink at the bar while waiting for our seats… Oh No!

I wait until we sit, and then I order my one drink that will last me all night.

I drag it out!

They’re on 4 beers and laughing and having a good ole time, and they don’t even notice that this is my very first.

Round Of Drinks

I’m actually surprised that they don’t notice. They must think that I just don’t like to drink.


I just make sure my bladder isn’t pushed into an uncomfortable position. It doesn’t want to make a bathroom trip.

Do you want another drink?” Kay will say.

No, I’m fine” I smile and lift my half full glass.

I know I can’t be the only slow drinker out there. But I could take the prize.

Everybody else overloads their bladder and has to repeatedly go to the john every 10 minutes.

Not I.

It gets kind of amusing to watch them. As long as it’s them, and not me! :)

I take another tiny sip.

Woah! Not too much!

Just enough to keep me safe. Keep me enjoying dinner. Enjoying my friends.


And it keeps me in my seat.

Because that bathroom is a very scary place!

You know?

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