The Bathroom at College

As much as I don’t remember peeing in High School, I DO remember peeing in college!

Granted, I went to college later in life, I was in my 30’s, but I definitely remember going… And it was HELL!

First off, I tried never to go. But of course, as luck and my bladder would have it, I had to pee occasionally.

And that Bathroom was a Joke!

Seriously, there was only one bathroom for the men on the top floor, and it should have been a single user bathroom because it was the size of a broom closet. The size made it dreadful to enter, let alone piss in.

When you walked in, or should I say “stepped” in, the sink was to your immediate right, followed by one narrow urinal and one small stall.

That was it!

And it was dead quiet in there, you could hear a pin drop.


I would hang around down the hall in between class and keep an eye on the door from a distance. I was waiting until the guys would finish up so I could finally get my chance. I wanted to be the only guy in there.

The Bathroom at College

The problem increased because all the guys that would use that john were in the hallways chatting in between class. They could see me standing there watching. I knew them. Plus, you also had the instructor that would use the bathroom. It made it even more difficult for me to go. They probably thought I was a creep.

They knew why I was going in there, and knew that I was nervous and waiting, and more than likely that I couldn’t pee!

And, even when I did go in, they would also see that I couldn’t pee at the urinal like everyone else, I had to use the stall!!!

Even worse!

My anxiety level was through the roof.

I would be in there trying to pee, closing my eyes, trying to concentrate, praying no one would enter… And the door would suddenly bang open (so everyone in the hall could also look in and see), and the footsteps would come within inches of my feet in the stall. I would hold my breath. I could tell who it was because their shoes were in clear view, just like mine were to them. It was natural to look down… You couldn’t help but notice.

It was sheer fright!

I could hear everything because it was eerie quiet in there. I hate that! It was so awkward and filled me with panic.

Why can’t places put music in the johns? You have to have noise to hinder the sounds of zippers, belts, grunting, peeing, and the occasional fart… No one wants to hear that.

I would stand there frozen in terror knowing that they knew that I was just standing there listening to them. “Richard’s so ODD!

And when I did go back to class, I would have to look them in the eye. Eye contact was horrible. I would avert quickly and keep my head down. It was highly embarrassing.

It was even more difficult when it was just me and the instructor in the bathroom. He was intimidating as it was and I hated hearing him pee.

Half the time I couldn’t go. I wanted to cry. I would hold it for the next hour or so, and then hold it for another 45 minute drive home.

That bathroom sucked!

I hated it with a passion!

I’m happy college is over now, but for 4 years it was a living nightmare.

At least I passed with high honors!

Who would have known?

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