Peeing with the Door Open

My friend (and roommate) Mike does not have Shy Bladder. He can pee anywhere, anytime.

As he often does at home… With the Bathroom Door wide open!

He doesn’t care who’s in the house. Doesn’t care who sees him. Doesn’t care who hears him. Doesn’t give it a second thought.

Even as I walk by the bathroom to the Kitchen, I’ll make a comment about the door being open “Can’t you close the door?” but it doesn’t stop him. He keeps on peeing. I’ll pass by (never looking in) and it doesn’t even break his stream. He just keeps on going full steam. The toilet is even sideways right next to the door of the small bathroom, so when you walk by you could see a profile of him, the pee, it, everything. Still it doesn’t stop him. See what I mean…

Pees With Door Open

You would think someone suddenly walking 2 feet away would momentarily freeze you up, if even for a second… NOPE!

No Stopping Mike!

He just pees like the faucet is open.

It makes me jealous.

While it amazes me, it also embarrasses me.

It’s so loud! I’ll sometimes close the door on him to muffle the sounds. He pees really loud! LOUD LOUD!

Nothing wrong with his pipes!

I close the door leaving him in the dark. He just keeps on peeing. No big deal.


Why can’t I be like that?

I would love to be able to pee and pee non-stop like a racehorse.

Instead, I’ll lock myself in the bathroom and wait until no one is within earshot. Then I’ll quietly pee, but only when the coast is clear.

It’s like one extreme to another. You’d think he’d rub off on me.

What would I give to pee with the door open? Must be nice!

Will that ever be a possibility?

Could I ever be so bold?

I don’t know. For me, it would be nice to even just go!

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