Things I Still Want to Accomplish

I thought I’d take a brief moment here, amid my adventurous vacation, to make a list of things that I’m still working on.

Things I still want to accomplish.

Granted, I’ve made massive leaps and bounds so far (read: So Many Things Have Changed), and I’m extremely happy with my progress, but still, there are so many more things to do…

Bear with me…

In no particular order of importance:

  1. Peeing in a Urinal with a guy on either side of me
  2. Peeing normally in public without the help of Fluid Loading or Breath Hold
  3. Peeing with a line of Guys waiting behind me
  4. Peeing in a Trough
  5. Peeing in an Arena or Sporting Event Restroom with Non-Stop Traffic
  6. Peeing on the side of the Road (with cars going by)
  7. Peeing in one of those Open Street Urinals (like they have in Europe – see image below)
  8. Peeing with my other friends at a Urinal, and possibly chatting (who don’t know I’m Pee Shy)

Open Street Urinals

I’m sure there are more, but that’s a pretty big list of “Must Do’s“.

But then again, I look at what I’ve been able to accomplish in just 3 months and it doesn’t seem too far out of reach anymore.

As long as I keep practicing and not giving myself a safe out, then I can see it happening quicker than expected.

Who knows where I’ll be in just 3 months from now?

It’s kind of exciting to think about, and I’m thrilled to see the outcome.

And then, in a year down the road, Paruresis really could be a distant memory.

Something that I used to know!

So I say, the future looks pretty bright.

I can’t wait to face it head on.

I may even need to wear my shades! :)

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