Recovering from Shy Bladder

I went shopping today… I had to use up some of those Christmas Gift Cards I got.

And during my visit, I decide to Pee at the Mall.

I head towards the Food Court. I see the signs for the Bathroom and turn down that hallway. As I’m walking, I pass this guy who gives me a weird look (or it’s just my imagination). I ignore him and turn to the Men’s Room.

What I saw made me stop in my tracks!

The Restroom was not a normal Restroom… It was a Single User Bathroom!

Recovering from Shy Bladder


A Single User in a Mall?

I don’t go to the Mall often (except to go to the Movies), and I certainly have never been to the bathrooms here before.

I had NO idea!

I looked twice up and down the hall to see if for some reason this really was the Men’s Room or a Family Bathroom or Handicapped Bathroom…

It was the Mens!


And since I still needed to Pee, I went in and did my business.

Who knew they had a bathroom even a Paruretic would love?

Then after I left the Mall, I made one more stop:


And before I do some more shopping, I decide to use the bathroom once more.

I walk down the narrow hall and turn the corner…

And as I’m nearing the bend, right before the doors, I realize something very, very cool…

I don’t feel Anxious walking into the Men’s Room!

Usually I’d be hyper and nervous and my heart would race, but right then, I felt pretty calm.

My Desensitization is Working!

I’m getting used to this!

I walk in and see one guy Peeing in the Short Urinal. I step up to the only Urinal left, the Tall one.

I unzip and stand there, and decided to NOT hold my breath, and see if I could just pee naturally.

I relax my body and try not to think about the guy just inches away from me…

He’s Peeing. I’m Quiet!

I’m sure he could tell that I wasn’t Peeing, but I didn’t care much. Screw Him!
I stand there for a bit, and see that I probably wouldn’t go (since I didn’t have a high urge, for I had already Peed at the Mall).

So as he’s finishing up and moving to the sinks, I decide to egg it on and hold my breath.

And by the time he washes and dries his hands, I start to Pee.

He leaves, it’s just me now, and I finish Peeing. Not other person came in.

So while it seems like a lifetime that I’ve been in that Restroom, in reality, it’s just a minute or two.

And I figure that’s not long at all! :)

Most guys are probably in there that long. No one would ever suspect a thing… Especially the fact that they were Peeing next to a Paruretic!

So here it is, just Tuesday, and I’ve already Peed in 4 separate Public Bathrooms this week. My Goal (at the beginning of the year) was to just Pee in One Bathroom per week. I’ve already blown that out of the water!!!

Every time I set myself a goal to achieve, I accomplish it with flying colors.

That’s all I have to do from now on. Just keep Peeing in Public Bathrooms and practicing Breath Hold every chance I get.

After all, I’ve got nothing to lose, but a whole lot to gain! :)

So Cheers!

Drink Up!

There’s a whole lot of Bathrooms to Pee in! :)

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