Shy Bladder Recovery Day 68

I was hoping to get out of the house today to Desensitize at the Mall, but Mother Nature had other plans.

It Snowed!


A Lot!

Here’s the Proof…

Shy Bladder Recovery Day 68

I don’t know why we’re getting so much snow this year, but I don’t like it!

So instead of heading to the mall to Pee in the bathroom, I’m at home Relaxing, Reading, Writing, and playing with my Wii…

Nintendo Wii that is!

I Pee in my bathroom at home instead. Mike (who is not happy about STILL being my Pee Buddy) stands by my side as I stand at the toilet.

He wants this to be over as much as I do!

He brings up this Venue that we are going to tomorrow night (I had pretty much forgot about it).

We planned to go with other people, and they just cancelled. Mike says he’d still like to go.

I of course Hesitate… It’s a Crowded Place, 45 Minute Drive, lot’s of Drinking, Music, probably 3 Hours long, Small Busy Bathrooms…

Right up my Alley, Right?

Mike reads my face and says “You don’t want to go?

I shake my head. “No, I DO want to go, but you know how I get around events and crowds”.

He nods.

I just get a little ansy!

Mike then says “Well we don’t have to stay all night. We can just go for an hour to see what it’s all about”.

Sweet! So that’s the plan!

I also make it my goal to step into that bathroom, high traffic and all. It may make my anxiety sour through the roof, but I really need to force myself into these awkward and uncomfortable situations if I want to overcome them.


The only one who can stop me, is myself!

As my Mentor always used to tell me “Stand up and be Somebody!“.

I will take that stand. I am determined.

I will face the world bodly and proudly proclaim:

This I have Done!

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