Do You Care If I Pee?

I’ve been thinking about my Social Phobia more than ever lately.

I can’t help it, I’ve been writing about Pee Shyness everyday for over a week now.

The one phrase that really resonates in my mind (and you’ll know this if you read my blog), comes from a book called “Shy Bladder Syndrome” (as seen on the right), and it says “No One Cares If I Pee“.

I’ve been going over that in my head the last week, picking away at it, trying to make some sense.

I’ve been asking myself “Do they Really Care?


I picture myself asking the next person who walks into the bathroom:

“Do you care if I pee?”

Toilet In Bathroom

It sounds really stupid when you say it like that, doesn’t it? What do you think their reaction would be?

I’m sure they’d look at me funny and say “No! Why Should I care?”

Think about it.

What if I went out into the restaurant and asked the lady sitting closest to the bathroom door…

“Do you care if I pee?”

She would think I’ve lost my marbles. Can you even imagine such a hilarious scene?

It’s pretty funny if you ask me.

You could ask every person in the bathroom, every person in the building, every person out on the street “Do you care if I pee?”

And I’m sure you’ll get the exact same response. I almost bet my left nut that every single person would say “No Way! Go Pee! I Don’t Care!”

So if nobody in their right mind cares…

Why Do I?

That really is the ultimate question. Why am I the only person in the world who is worried about me peeing?

No one cares “Go Pee! Enjoy Yourself! Take a Load off!”

They would either shrug me off, or lock me up in the loony-bin.

I can’t blame them either. When it’s broken down to that elementary line, it’s easy to understand that no one gives a rat’s ass what I do, let alone what I do in the bathroom.

It’s preposterous! Keep that to yourself. TMI

It’s true! NO ONE cares if I pee!


Just my mind. Just my own invisible handcuffs that I’ve tied myself down with.

Just Me!

Ask the next person you run across:

“Do you care if I pee?”

See what reaction you get!

It will show you how crazy we make ourselves.

No one gives a fuck! They really don’t.

Pee away. Pee as loud as you want. Pee like a race horse. Pee like a sprinkler. It doesn’t matter, just PEE!

Everyone wants you to go pee, so you’ll leave them alone and quit asking stupid questions like “Do you care if I pee?”

You know what I mean? ;)

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