Pee Shy Friendly

If so many people are affected with Shy Bladder Syndrome, then why aren’t businesses more Pee Shy Friendly?

Hasn’t a CEO or some Corporate Big Wig ever had Paruresis?

If so, they would know and understand and be compassionate towards their Pee Shy Clientele.

There’s got to be some, right?

I would think so.

But yet businesses rarely have accommodations towards Paruretics.

Their bathrooms are small, crowded, too quiet, and unwelcoming.

Pee Shy Friendly

The stall doors are loose with large gaps. They don’t close or latch properly.

The bathrooms have no music, nothing to muffle the sounds of prying ears.

The stalls aren’t high enough, or low enough, I hate seeing feet next to me

It’s like businesses don’t care in the least about people with Shy Bladder.

They treat us like we don’t exist!

If more places and stores had private bathrooms, people with anxiety issues like us would probably frequent them more often.

A “Safe” bathroom is important and ideal.

Why is it so rare to find?

There’s only 2 single-user bathrooms that I know of in a 10 mile radius around me.

That’s Bad!

It’s not safe to pee anywhere!

So why don’t places invest in a couple more friendly bathrooms?

They’ve got to know that this problem affects a certain number of customers.

What will it take for businesses and owners to change and take this ordeal more seriously?

Is this even possible?

I’m sure in their eyes it’s not worth the added expense. I mean people with Paruresis stay at home right? They don’t venture out and spend money.

Paruretics don’t step out in public! No Way!

They stay locked behind closed doors, sight unseen.

After all, you never see anyone in the bathrooms that’s pee shy.

It’s all a Myth!

There are no real statistics on cause and effect. They can’t track us to really know. It bears no consequences.

I mean, if I can’t find another Paruretic in the city, how can they?

So where do you begin? You begin at the top!

Business Owners and CEO’s listen up…

We NEED more private bathrooms. Even if it’s just one bathroom, a single-user bathroom, with a lock on the door. SOMETHING! ANYTHING!


You CAN help us! You can implement a change that could affect your bottom line. Let us have a place to go.

It would mean so much to us.

Because we can’t do crowds. We can’t do lines. We can’t go like everyone else.

Our bodies don’t function that way.

We need our safety, our space, a bathroom we can feel calm in.

All it takes is a little understanding, and a start.

We aren’t asking for much.

Just a place to pee!

Will you give us that?

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