Try With No Luck!

So I go out with a bunch of my friends to a restaurant tonight.

I didn’t Fluid Load because that gets a little hectic peeing and explaining why “I have to pee again…

But I told myself that I would drink through out the night, and if I had an urge to go, I’d go.

Well, I drank as planned. I had a couple of glasses of water and a glass of wine, thinking I’d gain an urge, but I didn’t.

So I figured, before the evening ended, that I would at least TRY to pee (sometimes I surprise myself).

So I excused myself and headed for the loo!

I go in.

It’s empty!


I pick the last of 3 urinals, unzip and wait.

It surely is more difficult to pee without an urge.

I decided to hold my breath and see if that would work.

As I’m holding in 1/4 of the air in my lungs, the door opens and some guy goes in the first stall and closes the crazy, noisy latch.

Try Peeing With No Luck!

I thought we had a pooper, but he began to pee very fast and very loud.

I think it’s odd that he went into the stall to pee, especially since there were 2 free urinals.

But, then again, that was me for 46 years… (and most of the time I DIDN’T PEE!)

No matter, my breath hold started to work, for I got a little squirt out.

And that was it!

No more was coming!

I tried a little longer.


By the time I got home, I still didn’t have an urge to pee. In fact, I sat at my computer for a good hour before my bladder finally kicked in.

Some days you just don’t know.

Some days I can pee for 4 minutes straight and pee every 10 minutes or so. Other days I could go for hours and hours without a drop…


But at least I did try. I got up in a busy restaurant and desensitized in the men’s bathroom.

I’m quite happy about that…

But if I had fluid loaded before hand, I’m sure I would have had more success.

There’s always tomorrow! :)

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