A Weekend of Success!

Yesterday, we go out to eat at my favorite restaurant. Some other friends are joining us.

I guzzled a bottle of water before hand, and drank another bottle on the way.

The bathroom at this restaurant (with the long walk to the back) has always been tough for me. I’ve had some successes (here), and some not so great successes (here).

All in all, I’m determined to keep trying.

Fluid Loading helps!

So we sit down, I order a root beer and a water. I chug those too.

We order appetizers…

A Weekend of Successful Peeing!

But, before they came out, I decided to venture into the bathroom for I had a strong urge to pee.

I walk in as someone else is walking out!

I’m the only one in there (which is odd because it’s Friday night and very busy).

I walk up to the last urinal, hold my breath, and begin to pee after about 20 seconds.

I peed for a really loonnnnnnggggg time. I really thought that someone would walk in on me, but no one did.

I peed, stayed a little bit longer just to make sure I was truly empty, and then I washed and left.

As I was leaving, someone else was going in, talk about timing!

1/2 hour later, before the main course was served, I made one more trip.

Into the bathroom I go…

It was almost a mirror image of the first. I was alone, I peed all the way, I washed and left.

Then right before we left for the night, I made one last visit to the bano.

I walk in, I see one guy is at urinal #3 (in the corner).


This meant I had no choice but to grab urinal #1, the short kiddie urinal which I dislike.

But, as I’m walking towards the urinals, I see this guy (who looks drunk and has one hand in front of him hanging onto the wall), and he’s staring at me.

Directly at me!

He had been staring since I came in the door.

He stared at me the entire time I went up to the urinals (boy do I hate that).

And, as I stepped up to the plate, he finally looked ahead again. SHEESH!

So we’re standing there, he’s quiet, I don’t hear him peeing at all. I’m quiet as I stand there hating this situation. He’s weirded me out, and the rest of the bathroom is dead silent.

It makes me even more nervous!

I hold my breath and wait, but the quiet is sinking in…

I wonder why he’s not peeing. Then I start thinking, maybe he’s wondering why I’m not peeing (you know how that goes).

That’s about when I hear him piss a little. I could hear a splash in the urinal

I’m still holding my breath!

I decide to distract myself and I pull out my iPhone as I wait. I pretend to look at my texts (thumbing through and reading them).

Then I can hear some noises coming from the last urinal. I have no idea what it was and I made sure to NOT look! Maybe he was shaking it out, or smacking himself, or something, but it didn’t sound right (or appropriate).

I actually wondered for a brief moment if he was beating off…

This freaked me out and I strived hard to block that image out of my mind.

Finally breath hold began to work and I started to pee!

The guy at the end flushed, staggered behind me and made his way over to the sinks.

I kept looking at my phone the whole time. I also kept on peeing

He washed, dried his hands and left!


I was able to finish peeing in peace and quiet. :)

That was a hair-raising experience.

I’m happy I waited it out and had great success. I’m quite proud of myself.

The Weekend continues…

TODAY… Sunday, we run a quick errand at Costco.

I chug 1 1/2 bottles of water and we’re out the door.

We get there, and since I didn’t have a strong urge yet, I decide to shop first and then pee on the way out.

And that’s exactly what I did!

As I went towards the bathroom, another guy, just feet in front of me, entered as well.

He takes up the #1 urinal (in the corner), and I grab #3 (by the stalls). Some other guy is at the sink.

The guy at the first urinal is quiet. I can’t hear him peeing, but I can clearly hear the guy washing up behind me.

So I do the same thing as I did the previous night. I pull out my iPhone to distract myself (do other guys do this?)

It Worked… Again!

I start to pee in about 30 seconds. It’s slow to start, just half drizzling out, but I ignore everything and just keep checking my emails.

Soon I begin to pee full force!

The guy at urinal 1 (the quiet pee’r, or non pee’r??? – you never know) finishes and goes to the sink.

And as I’m peeing, a Costco worker comes in (with the walkie-talkie blaring), and he goes to urinal #1.

I finish peeing, wash and leave!

Success again!

So I see distraction does work. Either that, or I’m just getting used to tuning everyone out and peeing in public.

I’m sure, as the months and years go by, it’ll just get easier and easier.

Time will tell!

But for now, that’s 4 attempts and 4 big successes!

Gotta love that! :)

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