Day 25 and Counting

It’s hard to imagine that I’ve been peeing with my Pee Buddy for 25 days now.

I would have laughed at that a month ago. Who knew he’d be standing directly behind me as I peed?

It boggles my mind!

I’ve been practicing Breath Hold again, and I’m getting no where fast. Half the time I forget to hold my breath, and then sometimes Mike wants to talk to me, and I can’t hold my breath and chat at the same time.

But I’m still working on it!

It’s definitely NOT easy holding your breath. I get to the point where I’m gasping and my External Urethral Sphincter is still clenched tightly. You’d think it’d loosen, but noooooo!

Paruresis Recovery Day 25 And Counting

Sometimes I feel like I’m right on the verge of peeing, but only when I inhale does it finally come out.

I can see myself attempting this in a busy public restroom… How humiliating that would be to stand next to someone and suddenly, out of the blue, just start gasping loudly for air! LOL

It would freak them out!

So I do need to learn to not only hold my breath longer, but to then release it and inhale slowly so it’s not loud or startling.

Some magic trick, eh?

And then I think to myself, what if I do get to the point where I can hold my breath long enough to start peeing. Then what?

What keeps my Sphincter relaxed enough to allow me to continue to pee without it clamping up and cutting off my flow?

I mean, I’ve locked up before over such things that startle me (the bathroom door slamming opening, footsteps, loud noises…). So wouldn’t that happen even with breath hold? Sounds plausible to me!

Most guys say that once you begin to urinate, it will just continue until you’re done and empty.

Is this always true?

Will I be okay if I can just get it going? Only time will tell

For now, I’m peeing within a foot of my Best Friend Mike. That’s huge news to any Paruretic. Plus, not too long ago, I was able to pee successfully at a public urinal for the first time in my life. So while progress seems slow… it’s really not. You have to remember that this is a lifetime of learned behavior that I’m trying to unravel. And…

This is only day 25!

So I say chill. I’m on the right track. I just need to take it slow and steady. Keep moving forward.

It will happen with patience and practice.

I’m really hoping that I can master the Breath Hold Technique.

That would change my life for good!

In another month or so, I could be there, peeing in a urinal at a stadium, arena or airport…

And that, that would really be something to gasp about! :)

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