Animals Aren’t Pee Shy!

Animals have got it lucky. They can pee and poop in front of anybody or anything.

Doesn’t matter how many people are watching either. It could be your Graduation Party with 300 Guests gathered around and your Dog would cop a squat and drop a log right there. Right on Aunt May’s Shoe! No problems or shyness in the least.

It doesn’t matter if they’re constipated. Doesn’t matter if it’s the hershy squirts. When they’ve gotta go, they go.

Pee Like A Dog

You see videos all the time on YouTube about some Panda peeing on another Panda’s head.

It doesn’t phase them.

Some Elephant drops a huge bowling ball. Some Horse pees while getting petted…

A Monkey drinks his own pee and it’s the funniest thing you ever saw…

Animals have no problems going whenever, where ever nature calls.

Why does Paruresis only affect humans?

After all, we are nothing but animals!

And you can’t even say it’s because we’re social animals either. So are Dolphins. So are Apes. So are Lions…

But no matter, they pee without thinking. That’s what animals do.

Not us!


Because we’re logical? Rational? Embarrassed by such behaviors? Is it because we are the only creatures that try to hide our genitals? Wrap it up? Put a leaf on it?

It really is a learned behavior. We learned to not talk about our privates. Things like that are taboo. You keep it to yourself. TMI

You get punished if such things are displayed. Made fun of. Humiliated. Sent to jail if you break the code of conduct.

You must pee behind closed doors. Out of sight. Out of mind.

I Envy Animals!

They will walk around with poop stuck to their fur and never bat an eye.

Monkeys will play with themselves and fling turds at passing people.

Dogs sniff each other’s butts.

Fish swim around with a tail of do-do…

They survive on the basics. You eat, you sleep, you poop…

But yet we’re embarrassed and we can’t even fart in public. What gives? How did we get so different from the rest of the animals?

“They’ll hear me Pee!”

It really is crazy how far we’ve come as a species. And yet the natural urge to pee is blocked by our own inhibitions.

Can you imagine if you went to the Zoo and the Zoo Keepers made everyone turn around just so the Zebras could pee?

“Don’t Watch Me!”

I think as a society we’d be shocked. Animals can’t be pee shy. It would make no sense.

But we can!

We can be blocked from urinating for hours upon hours…

Even if no one is watching. Just the fact that someone COULD be watching. That’s what gets me.

We make up so many crazy scenarios… When in reality, all we want to do is lift our leg and pee like a dog.

In my next life, I wanna come back as Fido.

Fire Hydrant here I come! :)

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