Fluid Loading Makes Me Happy

There’s got to be something in the water, because this “Fluid Loading” thing is blowing my mind!!!

I wanted to go to the mall to Fluid Load, but I’m running out of time. I had to run a few errands before my Vegas Trip, and one of those errands was Menards (parts for the new sink… wonderful).

So I changed my plans and decided to Fluid Load there instead.

And boy am I happy I did!

I also decided to not drink as much water as my last Fluid Load was a Nightmare! I really thought I’d piss my pants. lol

So this time, I only drank 1 bottle of water (16 oz) versus 2.

It was 11:30 a.m., I guzzled the bottle and then I sat around for an hour and waited for it to kick in.

I figure I’d leave at 12:30 and I’d be good to go.

45 Minutes later, I was playing games on my iPhone (7 Words) when it hit me.


It was funny because all of a sudden I’m grabbing my coat and telling Mike “Let’s GO!

We head out. It’s awfully cold out. The roads are still covered with ice (slowing us down). It didn’t help my bladder any.

Plus, as we’re driving the 15 minute drive, I noticed that the roads are really, really bumpy. I’m sure it’s due to the horrible weather, but those bumps were making me want to pee MORE! I felt every single bUmP!

So by the time we get to Menards, I really had to urinate!

We walk in, I waste no time in heading straight for the bathrooms.

As I’m nearing the entrance, I see another guy walking in as well. Normally this would stop me and make me wait, but not today. I couldn’t!

In the Bathroom I Go!

I thought “Oh Well” and turned the corner. All I could think about was peeing. Everything else was secondary.

I walk in and what do I see?

3 Urinals. 2 of them are empty, and where did this guy go?

The center urinal, of course!


Doesn’t he know there’s a man code?

I pause for a brief millisecond, and think “fuck it” and I move right up to the 3rd urinal next to him and the stalls. I could hear someone in the last stall making loud grunting noises. GREAT!

I unzip and within 5 seconds I WAS PEEING!

Fluid Loading Makes Me Happy

It’s funny because I don’t even pee this fast at home (and now I’m losing track of how many successful times I’ve peed at a urinal). Who would have thought? Ha!

I Peed Crazy Fast!

I peed and peed and it felt so glorious. I didn’t care in the least that a guy was right next to me.

I’m peeing. The guy finishes and leaves for the sink. I’m still peeing.

He dries his hands at the crappy dryers and I’M STILL PEEING! LOL

The stall guy lets out a LOUD grunt! Sounds painful. Poor guy (and it stank too).

I peed forever it seemed like. At least a good 2 minutes. It was insane. AND I don’t even have to use Breath Hold!

Finally I finish. WHEW! I wash and leave.

That was AWESOME!

Ten minutes later I need to pee again (small bladder I tell you). I let Mike know I’m going again, and as I head into the bathroom, I see all the urinals are empty. Sweet! (stall guy is gone)

I take the 3rd Urinal!

As soon as I unzip, some guy comes in and grabs urinal #2. Evidently no one likes #1.

This guy pees instantly (maybe he Fluid Loaded?), and I started peeing in 10 seconds (still ultra fast for me).

I peed. It was cool. I was happy.

It’s so weird Fluid Loading because it takes away all of my anxiety. I don’t care who’s in there. I don’t care who’s watching. All I want to do is pee. Weird!

I talk about it with Mike on the way home. I really don’t understand how it’s so different than being out all evening and being locked up and not going.

I don’t get it.

It’s all Mental” Mike says.

That’s probably true.

If I go out knowing I have to pee, and I have no choice but to pee, then I pee.

But, if I’m out all night, dehydrating myself, waiting to pee until I get home, then I get locked up and couldn’t pee in the least no matter how hard I tried.

Maybe I really should drink tons of liquids when I’m out? (Like all my friends do) Instead of NOT drinking anything, or taking little baby sips. Maybe if I chug everywhere I go, I’ll be able to pee anywhere, anytime, under any conditions? Who knows?

Fluid Loading is uncomfortable, but boy does it work like magic.

I’m dumbfounded that it works so well. I really can’t wrap my head around it.

So that’s the lesson of the day:

Drink Up!

Don’t be afraid to fill your bladder, because you WILL pee! You CAN Pee! You WILL pee FAST! And you WILL pee in a public bathroom, at a urinal, with other guys around.

Peeing like a Man!

How cool is that?

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