Everything Wrong, Everything Right!

So last night was an unusual night.

I went out with a herd of my friends to my favorite restaurant. We were celebrating a Birthday… on Earth Dayhe was older than dirt! :)

Everything Wrong, Everything Right!

And I did a bunch of things different this time.

Granted, just recently I came here (75% Success Rate), I Fluid Loaded and had to pee about 4 times. It became rather annoying and pretty obvious

So tonight, I DIDN’T Fluid Load, and I even peed before I left the house (normally I save it). I just told myself that if I needed to pee when I was out, I’d pee. Simple as that.

Otherwise, why force it?

So I had a great time out. We had fun, we drank, and long about 2 hours into the night, I could feel the urge begin.

Now I didn’t go immediately, for I wanted to up the urgency more.

And I did that with the help of water and wine.

Now the urgency wasn’t a “must pee or die” urgency, but it was one of those “If I were home, I could pee” situations!

So… I excuse myself and head back to the bathrooms. I push through the men’s door, and I’m the only one there!

I’m quite happy that I can take my spot at the 3rd and last urinal in the corner. I feel safer there.

This bathroom has always been an issue for me. It’s so open and visible. And when guys are coming and going and the door is open, people walking down the hall can look in and see you standing at the urinals.

Not cool!

So I do feel a bit nervous. As expected!

I didn’t know if I was going to pee or not, but I certainly wanted to try.

I unzip, gently hold my breath, and wait.

It took me about 40 seconds, and then low and behold, I began to pee!

I peed and it felt great!

About 3/4 into my pee, the door opens and a guy walks in. And yep…

My stream cut off instantly!


The guy went into the first stall, and I thought he was going to take a dump, but in just a second or two, he was peeing loudly into the toilet.

That’s about when I started to pee again

A couple seconds later, the door opens and another guy comes in.

My stream weakened, but still sputtered along.

This guy went into the 3rd stall.

Finally I finish, flush, and head to the sinks.

Another guy comes in… busy room… He looks at me for a long second and then he makes his way over to the urinals.

I wash and leave.

All in all, I am happy and surprised at myself. For I didn’t plan on peeing. I didn’t Fluid Load. And I left the house with zero urgency to go… And I was still able to go!

That’s great!

And while my stream did stop, I was able to get it going again and finish.

So tonight was an awesome night! :)

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