Dependent on Breath Hold?

Here’s something I often wonder about; If I practice Breath Hold (BH) each and every time that I pee… Will I become dependent upon it?

I mean, if I hold my breath long enough, where I get to the point where my urine flows, won’t I be associating that empty lungs feeling with peeing, and without it, I wouldn’t be able to go?

It makes sense!

It also makes me wonder if I should only practice Breath Hold when and where I need it the most; in public in a restroom versus the safety and comfort of my home bathroom.

Dependent on Breath Hold

I just don’t know!

And, as I’ve already stated previously, I have a pretty obsessive personality. So it would be just like me to become dependent on this crazy peeing technique.

SIGH! I think too much!

I will say that I’ve really been pushing myself the last day or so with my Breath Hold Practice. I feel close to mastering it.

After all, if I hold my breath long enough I DO PEE!


The problem is, it’s a very tough task. You have to push yourself, mentally and physically, beyond the comfort zone and into the gasping for air zone. Your body wants to fight it every step of the way.

But then again, not being able to pee when you have to is uncomfortable as it is, so it’s a toss up.

Discomfort and NOT Peeing?

Or Discomfort AND Peeing?

I guess I’d choose the later.

Being able to pee with Breath Hold is a life saver, and a life changer.

The biggest issue I have is attempting this in public. I’ve tried this at the urinals, but it seems, I’m too anxious for it to work. My fear prevents me from holding my breath long enough.

Plus, I also feel that even if I were to be able to accomplish this feat, then I would probably end up GASPING LOUDLY and startling the poor guy next to me. Can you imagine? lol He’d be all relaxed and peeing and suddenly this guy just feet from him starts gasping and breathing insanely. I’m sure it would cause him to jump and stare at me.

That’s all I’d need…

So I must not only be able to hold my breath long enough, but then to quietly and calmly inhale and breath normal again once I’m peeing.

I really do feel like I’m on the verge of accomplishing this. It’s just a matter of fully relaxing my body as I stand there, concentrating on peeing, and holding my breath beyond the gasping point.

That’s the trick!

The entire thing in a nut shell!

Maybe Today it will happen?

Maybe Tomorrow?

Hold your breath and find out…

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