Where Would I Pee?

If I didn’t have Paruresis, or more commonly known as Shy Bladder Syndrome, I daydream and think of all the times, places, and locations that I could pee…

Places that most men take for granted:

  • Peeing at a Urinal
  • Peeing in a busy Bathroom with a line out the door
  • Peeing in a Trough with other guys
  • Peeing in Airports, Bars, Theaters, Stadiums
  • Peeing on the side of the road, a bush, a building, the desert, a tree
  • Peeing off a bridge
  • Peeing out of a moving vehicle
  • Peeing whenever and where ever I feel the urge

Where Would I Pee?

Granted I wouldn’t pee in all those places, some are not legal, but it’s nice to think I could.

How free would that be?

I can’t tell you how my life would be different without these limitations.

Being Pee Shy really keeps me from enjoying all the activities my friends do.

I can’t go there. I can’t do that. I can’t because I can only be away from home 2-3 hours MAX. Just in case I need to pee. Gotta be a safe distance away!

Do I want to go out to eat, then the concert, then the bar??? YES! But Probably NOT! I don’t think my stupid bladder could handle it.

Sorry, I’m tired. I have to work in the morning. You guys go have fun!


I’ll sit home and baby my bladder. Poor thing!

Just one day, one single day, I wish I could pee like everyone else.

Pee shoulder to shoulder with another guy. Pee in the stream or river. Pee at one of those outside street urinals with people walking by. Have piss stream fights. Pee with someone staring directly at my dick. HA!

All these things that a normal guy could do, not necessarily does, but could!

How liberating would that be?


How amazing and wonderful and natural it is to pee when your bladder is full and not have to scream and hold it in for 2 more hours.

No more drinks! I’ll pass!

If I could pee, I would pee like an animal. Mark my territory!


But no…

No one can know. No one can hear. No one can see. Shhhh…

I am Pee Shy!

I can’t pee in public!

It scares me!

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