Out To Eat

We go out to eat last night at my favorite restaurant.

The last time we went, I had a 75% success rate, which is fine, because it was the first time I’ve ever peed in the urinals there. So I was quite happy!

Tonight, I wanted repeat success!

And I got it!


I was dinking around forgot to Fluid Load an hour before we left. So I quickly chugged a bottle of water and we were out the door.

20 minutes later we get to the restaurant.

I didn’t have a big urge to pee yet, so I drank a lot of water and root beer.

20 more minutes, I decide it’s time to make my move. I walk the long walk back to the men’s room and go in…

There’s one guy coming out. Another guy is at the sink, and one more guy is peeing in the last urinal (there are 3 urinals in all).

So that really only left 1 option:

To pee in the first urinal, which I just now realized, is a low kiddie urinal. And boy do I hate those!!!

Out To Eat The Short Urinal

So I walk up, unzip, hold my breath, and wait.

The guy at urinal #3 has been pissing the whole time and it’s loud. Me on the other hand, I’m quiet as a mouse and I’m NOT peeing yet

I wait and try to relax and concentrate.

Urinal #3 finishes, flushes, and he starts to move away as I finally begin to pee.

I peed for a second or two, and then it froze up on me. :(

I waited and held my breath some more.

Come on…

The guy is washing up and is checking himself out in the mirror. I get a little more urine out. I figure it’s because I’m trying to force it too much when I don’t have a huge urge yet.

So I decide to end this session, and come back later when I have more liquids in me.

And that I do!

1/2 hour later, and plenty of more drinks, I decide once again to head to the John.

This time I really need to go! :)

I walk into the bathroom. One guy is at the sink and another is at urinal #3. Damn it!

Once again, I’m forced to take position at urinal #1. I dislike this so much! It’s so visible to the whole room and when the door opens, all the people walking by can see me. I’m dead center…

I unzip, hold my breath, and gently apply a little downward pressure.

I start to pee in 15 seconds!

YEAH! And this time as I’m peeing, the guy at urinal #3 walks by me, another guy enters, one guy leaves, and I keep on peeing the entire time!

I peed until I was empty and I WAS HAPPY!

So after enjoying dinner, and some more drinks, I feel the urge to pee once more.

I make one last trip to the restroom.

This time when I walk in, the sinks are empty, no one is at any of the urinals, the place is empty.


I grab the last urinal in the corner, unzip, and within 10 seconds I’m peeing.

That’s about the time that I hear a grunt in the stall behind me. I’m not alone. I had no idea anyone was in there…

No matter! It didn’t stop me in the least.

I peed, emptied my bladder, and was over-joyed once more.

So while I do have some misfires every now and then, I have way more successes!

I’m peeing in public, and peeing in urinals, and I really never thought I could do that. It still blows my mind.

I’m doing it! I’m really doing it!

I love every second of it!

Now how about one more drink?


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