Peeing at Red Robin

We’re heading out to lunch today with some friends of ours. I decide to Fluid Load an hour before we go.

I chug 2 bottles of water, and by 1 p.m. we’re seated in the restaurant (which was freezing inside, it felt like an ice box), and as soon as we sit and order drinks, I excuse myself and head towards the bathroom.

Peeing At Red Robin
I’ve never been in the men’s room here so I didn’t know what to expect.

The bathrooms are at the end of a long hallway, and the men’s room is straight ahead.

I walk up, push the door and what do I see?

1 Urinal, and 1 Stall!

Not to mention the fact that the bathroom was empty! :)

The funny thing about it is the placement of the urinal. It’s almost directly ahead. So anyone walking in is pretty much facing you (your back), as well as anyone standing in the hallway or even looking down the hall would see you standing there pissing at the urinal. NICE!!!!

I frown at this and think “OH WELL!”

I step up to the one and only urinal, hold my breath, apply some slight pressure down…

And within 15 seconds, I begin to pee.

I peed for a good minute or so, emptied my bladder, then made my way over to the sinks. I quickly notice that as I cross the tile floor that it’s really, really sticky! Gross!

I grimace at this, wash up and leave.

After we eat clucks and unlimited fries, I decide to pee once more.

So I made my way towards the bathroom…

I was a little hesitant because there was a large party going on with about 15 young masculine guys who were drinking, making all sorts of loud noise, acting intimidating, and going to the john often.

I had a good feeling that there would be someone in the bathroom, or someone would walk in…

I could feel my anxiety rise as I walked the walk.

But, as I go in, I see, right now, that I’m the only one in here.

I step up to the urinal, unzip and actually peed pretty quickly (the second pee is generally always faster).

I tried to relax and enjoy it, but my distracted brain kept thinking that the door would bang open any second

I kept peeing, and peeing and peeing, and finally finished.

I flushed, washed up, smiled, and left! :)

(sticking to the floor the entire time…)

It’s amazing to me how many times I’ve peed in public this year. It really is!

Last year I’d probably peed 5 times max the entire year, but now, in 2014, I’ve been peeing pretty regularly. Probably at least 3-8 times a week every week. That’s so cool.

So I would say that’s about 50 times in just 3 months. WOW!

Who would have known?

So I’m showing myself that I can do it.


I really can master this thing!

I’m peeing in public.

Ain’t nothing better than that! :)

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