Peeing at Sam’s Club

I Fluid Load before we head out to Sam’s Club today.

I’ve only been in the bathroom there once before (Nov. 26th, 2013, Gradual Exposure Day 31), and at that time I didn’t pee. I just stood there for 4 minutes to desensitize.

Peeing at Sam's Club!

Today: Different Story!

We get to Sam’s Club, and by then (after a 20 minute drive) I needed to pee! (I had only drank 32 oz. of water!)

I head straight back to the bathrooms…

The funny thing is, I don’t even remember this bathroom. I’ve only been in here once in my life and I was way too scared 5 months ago to even think of anything else. I couldn’t even believe I stepped foot in there…

So I walk in…

I go around the corner and see 3 urinals.

I step up to the first one!

I stand there for a minute relaxing, just not worrying about anything, and as I relax, some guy walks in and goes up to urinal #3.

I relax more and decide to hold my breath, for I know I can pee

The guy at the last urinal pees fast and then I realize that he’s a Sam’s Club Employee because his walkie-talkie went off, and it was really loud and startling in that bathroom.

It makes me glance in his direction for a second. Then I look back down, exhale, and finally begin to pee.

I peed for a little and could tell that I was nervous and having a hard time because it froze up.

The worker finishes and moves to the sink behind me.

I stand there for a second not peeing…

And then I decide to hold my breath again. For I know that I can pee much, much more than I did.

The employee leaves and another guy comes in and goes to urinal #3.

I finally start to pee again!

And this time, it keeps on going.

The gross thing I find out is that these urinals must have something wrong with the pipes or drains. They must be backed up or plugged or dirty (there was no urinal cake) because they smelled really bad like a over-flowing porta-potty. Not pleasant at all! It really made me want to leave…

I tried not to smell (another good reason to hold my breath) and I continued to pee all the way until my bladder was empty.

I was stoked about that!

Normally, after the first lock up, I would bolt high-tail and leave the bathroom, but this time I stuck it out. I made myself pee no matter how long it took. And it worked perfectly!

I’m a Happy Camper!

My anxiety level wasn’t increased that much, but it was a new bathroom to pee in. And in reality, it only took about 4 minutes. That’s not bad at all!

So it was an Awesome Success!

(First time peeing at Sam’s Club!)

Then, after shopping for a bit, I went back into the bathroom once more.

I walked up to the urinal, held my breath, and began to pee within 20 seconds.

Some guy walked up to urinal #3 and he started peeing as well.

I didn’t skip a beat this time, I just kept peeing until I was finished.

YES! 2 Great Successes!

Not to mention, I did get some great deals at Sams! :)

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