Peeing with the Sharks

It’s 3 p.m. We’ve been out on the road since 10 a.m.

We first headed out to Mandalay Bay to see the Shark Reef

I decided to Pee before we went in!

Their bathroom was small!

And as me and Mike are walking towards the entrance, another guy is walking in right before us. We go in. There are 2 stalls and 2 urinals.

The guy takes the first urinal. I stop for a second seeing that there was only one urinal left. I look at Mike and shrug. He shrugs back. So I step up next to the guy at the second urinal while Mike heads into the stall next to me.

The guy at urinal 1 pees quickly. I’m a little nervous and not peeing yet. Neither is Mike. We’re both silent.

I hold my breath and try to relax. The guy next to me finishes, flushes and heads to the sink.

I finally begin to Pee!

YES! I figured Mike would be done and gone by now, but he’s still in the stall. Makes me wonder what he’s doing???

I finish peeing, flush and move away. That’s about the time that Mike also flushes and comes out of the stall. It took him a while to Pee!

I told him later that I couldn’t believe he took so long, and he said he didn’t really have to go, but knew he should.

Then we go into the Exhibit…

Which was very, very cool!

Peeing with the Sharks

I really loved that you could walk under all the sharks (you went through a tube), and that they had a massive room at the back that was just breath taking and super spectacular! They must have had at least 100 sharks in all! Unbelievable! REALLY AWESOME STUFF!

Plus, they also had a Golden Crocodile that was killer, a Komodo Dragon that was giving me the eye, and Jelly Fish that were glowing and stunning! Go see them! You’ll love it! Well worth the $18…

After we left, we walk the Shops for a bit. Then we decide to grab a bite to eat at the food court. Yummy Chicken Fingers!

After lunch, I tell Mike that I’m going to use the bathroom, for I can see the Men’s Room sign from where we were seated.

So I head on over and walk in…

There are 3 empty urinals and a bunch of stalls. I step up to the last urinal, and as I’m unzipping I can hear someone in the stall behind me.

I relax, but have a hard time peeing (I didn’t have a high urgency), so I decide to attempt Breath Hold.

10, 20, 30, 40 seconds go by and I can feel it finally working.

My Sphincter loosens and a little urine comes out.

3 Guys come into the bathroom then. Two take up the urinals next to me, the other heads for the last stall. I’m now nervous and locked up. I figure I’m better off to wait a bit and try again later when I do have an urge to go. So I wash and leave.

We walk for about a half and hour and peruse the stores. And then I see another restroom sign.

I tell Mike I’m going to try once more. He waits!

I go in and stand at one of the empty urinals. Someone comes in directly after me and goes to the sink.

I hold my breath again and finally I start to Pee!

This time, I fully empty my bladder! That’s awesome!

It’s funny how Breath Hold works! It gets the urine flowing. And even if I can’t totally finish the first time, I can usually go pretty quickly after and finish then.

It brings the Urge to Pee back!

I love that!

So I Peed and finished and was quite happy with myself.

But, we’re still not done yet…

The cool thing about peeing in public is the fact that I can stay out all day if I need to. I no longer have to cut the day short and come back to the hotel to pee with my tail between my legs.

I just keep trying and then it does happen!

So we drive to the outlet shops and walk around there. Of course, the two items that I find that I like and want to buy are NOT on sale! Zero discount at all! What kind of outlet is this?

Oh… “Up to 50% Off” means, one piece is 50% off and all the rest are regular price! I see! ;)

I don’t buy anything! “No Sale” is “No Sale” for me! :)

Before we leave…

I head into the Restroom. I step up to the urinal. Again, I don’t have a big urge to go, but I could tell that I probably could pee…

So I stand there and Hold my Breath!

And wouldn’t you know it, I begin to pee… “Well I’ll be…”

So while Breath Hold is not a 100% Cure for me yet, it does get me out of a bind. If anything, it gets the urge to present itself, and then most of the time, that’s all I need to finish the job! :)

I’m happy with today. Paruresis didn’t stop me from enjoying life or having fun.

There’s still tonight though… Who knows what new adventures lie before me.

Until then, I’ll have another round please! :)

It’s now 9:36 P.M.

We’re back in the hotel room. We went to the Town Center to watch a movie “Paranormal Activity 5” (not too bad – had some good scares). After the show I wanted to go to the bathroom, but when we came out of the theater I didn’t see the Men’s Room. All I saw was the Ladies. Odd! It was either behind us, or on the other side of the lobby… So instead of hunting for it, I decide to pee in the restaurant since we were going there next.

The Sugar Factory

The Sugar Factory (right next to the theater) was an interesting experience. The place is super expensive, $14 for a Wedge Salad! WOW! And the waitress was really, really weird! Awkward even! She was trying to make conversation that just seemed fake and forced!

After we get there, sit down, and order drinks, Mike heads into the bathroom. He comes back and says “The bathroom is Odd!

I Ask Why?

He says there’s only one urinal and 2 stalls. He says everything about it just felt different, not normal.

I think about this for a bit. One urinal could get a little nerve-racking for me, especially if another guy comes in…

But I needed to go and I didn’t have a lot of options.

So I head into the John!

No one was in there! Cool! I step up to the urinal and unzip. I try to pee naturally, but I can tell I’m anxious. I decide upon Breath Hold. I exhale a good portion of my lungs, hold it, and wait.

I can feel it start to work. And unlike my previous attempts, I held my breath longer this time so it wouldn’t lock up once I started to urinate.

And once the flow began going pretty well, I took in small, steady breaths! And that did it. The stream didn’t cut off. I peed all the way.

So that was a Great Success!

Granted, I was the only guy in there, and if someone were waiting it would have been a whole different story… But, I’m finding that for the most part, there aren’t that many situations where people are actually waiting behind you. Often it’s just you and maybe only one or two other guys. Max!

The big issues are of course: Football Games, Concerts, Arenas, Theaters… Things like that.

All in good time! :)

It will happen. I have faith in it and in myself!

Tomorrow, we leave Vegas! And then it’s home-sweet-home.

It’s been a wonderful, productive vacation. And I’m happy to say that I came out a winner!


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