Peeing on the Side of the Toilet

I was playing on my iPhone Yesterday, and reading Questions on my WonderPOLLS App!

One Question I found very interesting. But the Answers and Comments to that POLL were even more interesting. So much so, I wrote this post! :)

The Question was:

“When you pee standing up, do you pee on the side of the toilet to reduce noise?”

That’s such a Paruretic thing to do!

In fact, before I began Shy Bladder Recovery, that was the ONLY way I would pee. No matter where I was, or when I peed. I always peed on the side so I would pee quietly. I didn’t want anyone, not even myself, to hear it. I was so ashamed of peeing, just the sound of it made me timid and shy.

Learning and Forcing myself to pee directly into the water so it made loud splashing noises was actually my very first step to recovery (and I’m not fully recovered yet, still working on that). That was my first obstacle to overcome, getting used to the sound and noise that my pee made. Making myself not be frightened by it anymore.

“It’s Just Me Peeing!”

This was a HUGE step (breakthrough) for me. And to this day, 2 years later, I STILL pee in the water bowl so everyone can hear!

In fact, even when I pee in a Urinal, I force myself to pee towards the bottom where the urine circulates so it makes noise (I don’t like standing there when it’s dead quiet). I WANT to be heard! I don’t want to hide anymore!

I love that I can pee and I love that I can make noise doing so.

Once I learned that, it helped me desensitize. It made everything else after that a little bit easier to cope with and deal with.

Like when I’m standing at the toilet peeing with my Pee Buddy Mike. There’s no running from the sound!

It’s Loud!

You can’t cover that up!

You have to face it head on and tackle the beast!

And so, when I saw the POLL and then I saw the results, it floored me…

Take a peek at the Answers:

Peeing on the Side of the Toilet!

If you subtract out the girls (which for this question really don’t matter – they can’t really pee on the side of the bowl), these are the totals:

YES: 72,131

NO: 10,928


That’s a total of 83,059 Guys Polled (at the time of this post). And that means that only 13% of the guys pee in the center of the toilet. All the rest of them (87%) pee on the side of the bowl where it’s quiet.

I had no idea!

I told Mike this and he said that usually when he’s out in public and has to pee in a toilet, that many times he also pees on the side to reduce noise.

Well I’ll Be!

I thought that only Pee Shy Guys did this!

I’m blown away!

(And here I’ve been forcing myself to pee in the center so it’s loud! HA!)

So I then head on over to the Comments Section of that POLL to see what Guys are saying about this topic.

Here is what they said:

Peeing in Toilet Comments!

Interesting Stuff, eh?

Me, I’m going to keep making noise as I pee. I feel it’s something I HAVE TO DO!

I can’t be ashamed of peeing anymore. I’m making noise!

I can’t run!

I can’t hide!

I will NOT be denied!

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