Can’t Pee with Distractions

You want to hear something funny?

I’ll go to the bathroom at home to pee, and while I’m standing there waiting, I’ll be playing games on my iPhone.

But here’s the weird thing. The entire time I’m standing there playing a game… I can’t pee.

Can’t Pee or Won’t Pee!

Once I put my phone away, suddenly I’m peeing!

I pee when I think about peeing and nothing else!

Can't Pee With Distractions

It’s like the distraction kept me from going.

Without my mind being focused on urinating, my brain didn’t signal my bladder to release. I might as well have been a leaning post.

I stand and stand and stand and nothing comes out…

Until the game goes away!

I wonder about this distraction. Why does it affect my ability to pee?

Why can’t I go unless I’m thinking about going?

Is this the same reason as to why I can’t pee in public? Are there just too many distractions? Doors opening up, footsteps, toilets flushing, water running, dryers drying, people talking, coughing, grunting, farting…

Everything obstructing my 100% focus on the task at hand: Peeing!

Do I just need to concentrate more when I’m in a public bathroom? Close my eyes and ears and tune everything else out?

What if I wear headphones to drown out the sounds?

What if I meditate or calm my racing heart?

Can I focus my mind enough to pee freely?

It seems logical.

If I can put Zombie Farm down long enough and hone in on my bladder, can I literally open the flood gates?

Or is this type of thinking just another distraction?

How do you put down someone slamming open the bathroom door and entering the stall right next to you?

It sure does make me wonder…

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