Pee Shy Is A Joke!

Shy Bladder is a joke, right?

Oh look, he’s Pee Shy!

It’s all for laughs. A Big Ole Ha Ha! The punchline of a comedy.

Everyone chuckles. One guy bends over holding his stomach. It’s a rip-roaring good time.

You’re not serious are you?

I’m mean really serious?

No one really is Pee Shy! They couldn’t be!

Sadly, this what most of America thinks!

Pee Shy is right up there with Swirlies, Wedgies, and Whoopee Cushions. Anything for a laugh.

Bathroom Toilet Swirly

Few people actually think there is a real condition called Shy Bladder (Paruresis). They think there’s no way that people couldn’t pee. You go in a bathroom. There’s a toilet or Urinal. You go! End of story!

It doesn’t make much sense!

When nature calls, you answer it.

It’s not something you think about. It’s basic instinct. You stand at the urinal and you WILL pee. It’s quite simple!

Sure it’s fun to rib your friend if he can’t pee off the side of a boat in front of a dozen people “He’s Pee Shy!“. We understand that. It’s funny! But it doesn’t actually stop him from peeing. Maybe slow him down, make it take an extra minute or two, but he’ll still pee.

Everyone’s laughing and pointing “Awww He’s got a Shy Bladder!

It’s all in good humor. Although they may never let him down…

But that’s as far as it goes. He really doesn’t have a problem peeing. It’s not a mental condition that keeps him from pissing. It’s just the situation. It’s a little different, a little odd, no biggie. A little extra pressure is applied. So what! It’s still a joke, right?

When your bladder is full, you empty it. Or it empties itself. You may be drunk enough to pee in a hamper in the middle of the night, but when it wants to go, it does. Like it or not.

Anywhere, Any Time, it’s a Natural Thing!

How could one mentally keep this from happening? It’s not real, you can’t teach your mind to block that. Right?

Only crazy people would have something so wrong with their brain as to stop the flow of urine.

Don’t you agree?

Paruresis is non-existent!

Made up.

No one really is Pee Shy…


I wish it was a joke. I wish I could laugh about it.

Pee Shyness is not funny and certainly not something we make up. Shy Bladder is for real!

It’s real and it’s painful. It keeps people hidden at home. It hinders life. It makes one scared, timid, fearful of going out in public, and especially stepping foot in a busy restroom.

Paruresis cripples freedom. Fun. It shatters your world and makes your mind scream “I can’t Pee in there!

It’s a nightmare we can’t awake from. Pee Shyness is serious! I have it, and chances are, you have it too.

How I would love for it to be a joke. A good slap on the back. One hearty holler and it’s over. HA!

Life would be so much easier then. Because I hate living with this condition. I hate feeling like a freak show. Send in the Clowns!

Shy Bladder sucks, and for those that think that it’s a farce, wake up!

It could happen to you!

Some people don’t get Pee Shy until later in life. A bad situation or trauma could bring it on (like being laughed at for not being able to Pee off a boat).

All we want to do is pee.

Is that too much to ask?


It’s no joking matter!

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