Fish And Chips And Peeing

Me and a bunch of my friends all go out to a pub in the afternoon.

And before I left the house, I drank a bottle of water. Just so it would help me pee at the restaurant.

And after a couple more drinks, appetizers, and the main course (Fish and Chips), I could feel the urge to pee.

Fish And Chips And Peeing!

So I head back to the men’s bathroom!

I go in.

It’s empty!

There are 2 all urinals in there. I take the last one in the corner.

I gently hold my breath, and after about 20 seconds, I begin to pee.

Now the pub was busy, so I fully expected company soon…

And, as I was getting close to finishing…

The door opens…

And, as it opened, I tried to keep myself calm and relaxed, saying to myself “keep peeing, keep peeing, keep peeing…

And as he walked in, I didn’t lose my stream.

I kept it going, even though it did weaken some.

And I kept my flow going all the time he walked to the urinal. And only, as he stepped directly next to me into the only vacant spot left, did my stream cut off.


So I got past the startling door opening. I got past the presence of another guy walking towards me…

And only when he was within touching distance (my safety zone) did my body react and clench.

I held my breath as he began to pee, for I wanted to finish.

Shortly after, I was able to pee some more, and finally finish my business.

I don’t know if I’ll ever get over my scared feelings for good. Maybe one day they’ll just dissolve and leave and I’ll never have to worry ever again.

Or maybe, it’ll haunt me until the day I die?

All I know is that I’m trying. I’m peeing in urinals. And I’m peeing around other people.

It’s better than my previous 46 years!

So I guess I shouldn’t complain.

I peed!

‘Nuff said! :)

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