If I could Pee like that

My best friend is NOT Pee Shy.

In fact, he’s the type of person that could whip it out and pee right in front of you. No problems!

I wish I could be that free. You’d think that hanging around with him for 15 years it would rub off…

Not in the least!

We’ve been camping with friends before, and he just pisses in front of everyone (turned away). He doesn’t care.

He Pees in my Bathroom with the Door ajar

Sometimes the door is wide open. Doesn’t care. People can walk by him, see him, doesn’t stop him.

How can he do this? It amazes me. I almost feel embarrassed for him.

The other day I had a couple of friends over and we’re all hanging out in the kitchen and he goes into the little bathroom to pee (The one with the Spider).

He shuts the door this time and proceeds to pee like a race horse.

Everyone hears him go

My friend Kay turns her head towards the door and says “Sheesh!” lol

He pees louder, faster and with stronger force than anyone I know (like Superman).

I mean, we all hear other guys pee in the public bathrooms, it’s nothing new. But this guy is like a water bomb.

He pees in like 10 seconds, where I can sometimes take 4 minutes to pee. Sometimes it takes me 4 minutes to even get started. And Sometimes it takes so long, I bore myself!

Not him! He’s a pee storm and the friends in the kitchen hear it loud and clear.

He comes out of the bathroom and Kay says to him “Damn you pee loud!

He just shrugs his shoulders,

“Oh Well, that’s how I Pee!”

And that was that. Kay laughs, everyone else laughs, end of story.

I envy that!

What is it about me that makes me care about being seen or heard, and yet doesn’t phase my friend in the least?

I would give anything to be able to be that free and not care what other people think.

I would be a Whole New Man!

I will say this, I’m still peeing directly in the water and making noises. Have been for 10 days. It’s rather refreshing!

I keep saying to myself “No one cares if I Pee!

I know it’s true, I just have to train myself. Maybe one day I’ll pee like a Banshee?

I wonder if I’ll ever truly be free? Or if I’ll have to work on it, taking it one day at a time?

Will I ever totally be Cured?

My friend knows I have some peeing issues. He’s had to wait for me to go plenty of times before I leave the house.

He knows I have some problems in public. And yes he gets frustrated waiting for me, which just makes it harder to go.

He doesn’t know the full extent of my phobia. That’s hard to admit even to your best friend.

He’s seen me walk into a public bathroom before and instantly turn around and walk out “I can’t Pee in there!

I usually make an excuse that someone’s taking a dump… I don’t think he’d ever understand exactly what I’m going through, especially since he pees like a fireman’s hose.

Pee Like A Firemans Hose

So for now I get to listen to him and wish it could be me.

It sounds crazy to say, but If I could Pee like that, the weight of the world would fall off my shoulders.

One day!

One day! :)

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