Good Call Mike!

I’m at home, working on the computer.

Mike, my Pee Buddy and Roommate asks me if I want to go get a bite to eat.

“Where to?”

How about Bob Evans?“, he says “I want a Salad.”


So I get up, grab my jacket and say “give me a sec. I’m gonna pee and then I’ll be ready…” (I did this out of sheer habit)

I turn towards the bathroom and Mike stops me…

“Why don’t you pee there?”

I stop and look at him. It had been such a quick decision to up and leave, that I never thought about holding it and peeing in public. It never even ran through my mind.

But now, I stood there thinking…

How bad do I really need to pee?

Should I Fluid Load before I go?

I ponder this as Mike just stares at me waiting for an answer.

I DID have to pee. In fact, I’ve had to pee for a good 20 minutes, I’ve just been too lazy to get up from the desk…

Which tells me, I would have no problems peeing at home, which is why I should hold it…

Mike WAS right.

Why miss an opportunity?

Good Call” I say to him. “I’ll pee there!

But, as a fail safe, I did grab a bottle of water and guzzled it out the door. :)

Ten minutes later we arrive!

Pee Buddy Makes A Good Call

I waste no time in going to the john.

The crazy thing is, I’ve eaten at that restaurant probably 50 times or so in the past, and never once have I ever set foot in that bathroom…


So in I go…

I see 2 urinals, with a big divider, and 2 stalls.

I’m the only one in there.

I step up to the 2nd urinal, unzip, and wait. I’m really nervous about peeing in a new place…

I decide to breath hold to bring my stream on.

And within 30 seconds, I’m peeing!

It starts rather slow, almost peters off, and then it finally gets going and I get a good strong flow.

I am able to pee all the way, empty my bladder, and not a solitary soul came in.

It still does floor me how often I am totally alone in the bathrooms. I would have never guessed.

I still need work on keeping my flow when someone walks in, but that’s really just going to take time, experience, and desensitization.

It’s only been about 4 months now…

Give me 4 years of practice and I’ll probably never remember what Paruresis ever felt like.

I’m hoping…

So chalk one up for my pee buddy. He keeps me pointed in the right direction…

Recovery! :)

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