Already Thinking about the Plane

In one week, I’ll be in Vegas!

Which means, more Airports, More Planes, More Anxious Nervous Time!

Yep, just like Paruretics do, I’m already thinking about those wonderful Green Bathrooms in the sky. Cramped little Johns, Slanted Ceilings, Folding Doors, People Waiting… It’s already on my mind playing tricks with me. I wonder how I’ll do? If I’ll be okay? If I’ll be able to pee?

Peeing on the Plane

You’d think after all my desensitization that I’d be able to, but you just never know.

I’m already Worried about it!

And that’s not good!

I love Vegas, I love Flying, I love going to Conventions and Shows, but I just don’t like the trip.

I’m hoping that Breath Hold will pull me through, if I’m in a bind. Because I’ve had some nightmare plane situations that I’d rather not duplicate.

Once was Enough!

So as the day gets closer, I think about it more and more.

One thing that helps me forget…

A Birthday Party!

Tonight, our friends came over to Celebrate Kay getting older.

We play Wii, we play Heads Up (which is hilarious), we play a crazy ass card game called Cards Against Humanity (Let me tell you, this is a MUST BUY CARD GAME! It’s so hilarious and demented, you really will laugh your ass off! – Not for the Prude!), and all the time we Drink, Laugh, Drink, have Fun, Drink, and lose track of time.

Kay gets so drunk that she pees with the bathroom door open again. Sigh! She doesn’t want to miss the conversation. I yell at her to close the door. She yells back “I don’t care who sees me!” ha Drunks!

If only I could pee like that!

I pretty much did Yesterday! :)

Maybe someday I’ll be able to pee and not care who sees me.


With the steps I’ve taken so far in my recovery, it does seem possible. The real tests are of course, the high tension scenarios like Busy Bathrooms, Sporting Arenas, Events, Concerts, Theater, People Waiting, and Yes… Airports and Airplanes!

We’ll see how it all goes in one Week.

Sometimes I Surprise Myself!

And I am happy to say that these little surprises are coming more and more often. So that’s a good thing!

I don’t know what will happen on my trip, but I’m sure that I’ll have lots of interesting stories to write about.

But first, I have another fun Week ahead of me. New Goals to meet. New Bathrooms to Pee in.

The Mall is on my Public Bathroom Visit List!

I’ll be Fluid Loading for that.

I can’t wait! :)

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