Prop the Door Open

You know what drives me crazy?

Places that prop their bathroom door’s open!

I’m sure it’s just to let it air out inside, or to let the newly moped floors dry, but it scares the hell out of me.

When I walk up to a bathroom in a mall, restaurant, bar, or store, and the door is propped open (usually by a trash can or door jam), I hesitate. I have to quickly decide if I want to attempt to pee or not.

You see, that door does create a little privacy. Without it being closed, anybody walking by can look in and see my feet under the stall, trying to pee! There is no barricade for eyes, conversation, laughter, voices…

And there is no warning if someone were to enter the restroom or not. “SURPRISE!

They’re just there suddenly. It’s very unnerving.

Bathroom Doors Propped Open

I like a closed bathroom door (especially one I can lock). It at least makes urinating much more tolerable.

Some places, like Sports Arenas or Airports, and even Costco, don’t even have bathroom doors. It’s just open entrances with non-stop traffic.

It’s horrible to me, even though I’m sure it helps get people in and out quickly and cuts down on theft.

But, the fact remains:

You’re never alone!

I read an article recently about a High School in Texas (McKinney North High School) where they removed the bathroom doors to keep kids safe.

I don’t know what the kids were doing in the johns, but evidently the School District wanted to stop it. So all the doors came off.

Parents and kids are screaming that it’s an invasion of privacy. I agree! If I went to that school, I’d probably never pee again!

Granted, I don’t remember peeing in school as it is, but that was many, many years ago, before I fully understood what Paruresis was. It’s a good thing we had doors! Because I’m sure at some time I did use them… I have a feeling I just went during class and excused myself.

I couldn’t imagine a school without!

What will the kids with Paruresis do?

After all, there have got to be some boys and girls who are pee shy. It’s a known statistic. Ripping off your doors will only hinder them even more. Enhance the situation.

They may even drop out! It’s that severe!

Schools and kids are tough enough to handle, let alone a school that makes a private bathroom trip, public knowledge. I would die!

It can be a very traumatic experience. Combine that with bullying and taunting, and my anxiety goes through the roof.

And to not know when someone is creeping up behind you in the bathroom. Entering my safety zone… Can be devastating!

If I don’t know they’re coming in, or using the stall next to me… They could hear me. Startle me! It could get very embarrassing. I could hear laughter in the hall. There could be a crowd of kids pointing and laughing at my feet… “He’s just standing there! He’s been standing there for 5 Minutes! What a pervert!

Good God! Close the doors! Keep them closed.

And preferably, put a lock on the door so people can do their business in private.

Because no one wants to hold their bladder all day.

I certainly don’t!

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