Hit and Miss Paruresis

I’m all over the board with my trials and tribulations. Some things go well, others, down the drain!

Like peeing with my Pee Buddy Today, IT WASN’T A FLUKE!

I WAS able to pee side by side with Mike at the toilet with me.

He didn’t pee, but pretended he was (which at times were hilarious!)

But all times I peed! And I peed in broad daylight. It didn’t change matters. All worked well!

But what took a Nose Dive?

Breath Hold!

For day 37 in my home desensitization, you’d think that I’d start to get a handle on this. But actually, I didn’t do one Breath Hold all day!


I was too concerned with peeing next to my Pee Buddy to think of anything else. Preoccupied!

Pee Buddy = 1 Breath Hold = 0

And what about my Public Bathroom Goal? (You know, to visit 3 Public Bathrooms and stand at 3 Urinals for 3 minutes)

Well, I missed a lot of opportunities today!

Yesterday I didn’t go out anywhere, but today, I was all over town. I could have used plenty of Public Restrooms like: Office Max, Big Lots, Krogers, Walgreens, and the Restaurant I ate at. But that gets a big fat ZERO as well!

Paruresis really is Hit and Miss!

Hit and Miss Paruresis

I didn’t step foot into any one of those bathrooms. I thought about it. Mike even brought it up when he used one and asked me if I needed to go…

What did I say?



I need to work on that. It’s so difficult for me to force myself. It’s so uncomfortable! But I must do it! I have to!

Where’s my Courage now?

Any clue?

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