The Purpose of the Blog

What is the purpose of this blog?

Why did I begin

Why should it matter to you?

In a nutshell, I started this blog as therapy for myself. To get my true feelings out for the whole world to see.

My goal is to document my Paruresis and to try to find a cure for my shy bladder syndrome.

That’s all!

The purpose is really for me. And trust me, you’d be surprised at how much better I feel opening up about my condition.

A condition that’s haunted me since I don’t know when.

You see, I’ve never really had anyone to talk to about this. I never told anyone I was pee shy until a couple of years ago. I told my best friend Mike, but he still doesn’t know the full scope of it. Just enough to shed some light upon the subject. He doesn’t know how bad it really affects me. He doesn’t know about this blog. He knows I have problems peeing in public. What else is there, right?

So I started this blog to tell my huge secret. It’s been locked up for decades! I wanted to finally address my social problem. Learn more about it. Read about it. See why I am pee shy and what I can do about it.

Purpose Of This Blog

I write these articles for myself. It really is therapeutic putting them all down on paper (I write them longhand in notebooks before I fall asleep, and then type them on my site later).

I put my heart and soul into these posts. I hold nothing back.

Some posts have made my cry to write them. Some laugh. They uncover the root of my problem like a giant spotlight.

The memories come flooding out. Memories that have been buried for years. Memories that made me who I am today.

I never knew how much it really affected me. How much it touched every inch of my life… Until I really thought about it and opened my eyes to see the handcuffs.


I started writing about it. Opening up.

Now I see that it consumes me, eats me up, and keeps me from being truly free.

I didn’t know another person with shy bladder syndrome until I started this blog (no one I’ve ever met in real life). That’s when I registered with the forums, and reached out to some of the people.

It’s been an amazing experience.

There are others like me!

I don’t know if talking about my pee shyness will do any good. But I do feel better about it.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be cured, but I do intend to write about it and get it off my chest.

It’s a burden I don’t have to carry alone.

Plenty of other guys and gals have left positive feedback and replies to my posts here. I greatly appreciate it.

It shows me that others are in my exact same position and suffer day to day. It’s not just me.

There is support!

There are professionals!

There are programs in place to help Paruretics!

There is hope!

So this is my journey. The nonsense I go through and put up with because something in my past caused me to have a crazy condition that causes shy bladder (shame on you).

If, in the long run, my posts can help others as well, then I’d be tickled to death.

But really, it’s all about my inner struggles, my pain, my living with this crippling disorder.

My quest for a cure!

That is, if one exists for me. Who knows… I take it one step at a time…

Join me will you?

That would really give this blog a purpose.

Hopefully my posts will touch a nerve, inspire you, make a friend, make others say “I do the same thing“. Maybe your stories can help and teach others as well?

Contact me, write a guest post here and let your voice be heard. Let others share in your laughter and pain. I welcome it!

Until we raise more awareness for Paruresis, it will remain forever in the shadows. Always fearful of the light, the truth, and of course, the bathrooms.

Let’s make this “Purpose” worthwhile.

Hi, I’m Richard

Now it’s your turn!

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